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Chula introduces Carbon Institute for Sustainability

Chulalongkorn University's Engineering Department has launched the Carbon Institute for Sustainability (CBiS) with a vision to provide and apply engineering principles for greenhouse gas management, promoting a low-carbon economy and inclusive growth. The establishment of CBiS aligns with Chulalongkorn University's commitment to addressing environmental challenges and driving sustainable development.

CBiS has set forth several missions to achieve its vision. These include evaluating carbon footprints, building a comprehensive greenhouse gas database, and developing platforms for benchmarking and managing emissions. Research, development, and innovation play a vital role in formulating effective strategies for greenhouse gas management based on engineering principles. CBiS also aims to enhance personnel capacity and foster collaboration towards sustainable practices within organizations.

Managing knowledge and innovation are essential components of CBiS's mission, supporting the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies in organizational management. By raising public awareness about environmental issues and government policies on sustainability, CBiS aims to drive the adoption of sustainable practices across society.

The objective of CBiS is to develop knowledge and innovations in greenhouse gas management that are tailored to the needs of Thai society, facilitating the transition of businesses towards a low-carbon economy.

CBiS offers a range of services to support organizations in their sustainability journey. This includes:

  • Assessment of the CFO jointly with the organizations to understand and find ways to develop internal greenhouse gas management and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Design a strategic management approach to reduce the carbon footprint of the organization.

  • Conduct a pre-analysis of the organization’s sustainability strategy/roadmap following the ESG framework to forecast potential risks and opportunities that may arise.

  • Facilitate workshops with stakeholders and employees to determine and prioritize sustainable operational guidelines that align with the strategies and policies of the organization.

  • Provide consultations for leaders and employees on the ESG principles to support the organization’s management, including ways to formulate and implement environmental and sustainability policies.

In addition to its endeavors, CBiS has formed a collaborative partnership with Pi Carbon, serving as its technology partner. Pi Carbon brings its expertise in blockchain technology and decarbonization solutions to enhance CBiS's efforts in greenhouse gas management and sustainability. This collaboration strengthens CBiS's ability to provide innovative and effective solutions for businesses and organizations in their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Chulalongkorn University's Engineering Department, through the establishment of CBiS, demonstrates its commitment to advancing greenhouse gas management knowledge and fostering sustainable practices. By providing comprehensive services and driving collaborative efforts, CBiS contributes to the realization of a low-carbon economy in Thailand.

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