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PI Carbon at Future Energy Asia: Driving Towards a Low-Carbon Future

PI Carbon, in collaboration with the Carbon Institute for Sustainability (CBiS), proudly participated in the Future Energy Asia (FEA) exhibition and summit held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from May 17 to 19, 2023. This premier energy event brought together various sectors with the shared goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

CBiS's panel discussion on the "Formation of Carbon Institute for Sustainability (CBiS)" within the Strategic Summit Program was a notable highlight. Prof. Dr. Pisut Painmanakul, Secretary to Minister of Energy and Director of CBiS, emphasized the significance of developing low-carbon businesses and provided essential guidelines for their establishment. The discussion also highlighted the need for institutional support to facilitate such operations. Mr. Pinit Pholphirul, Secretary General of the Aroon Sorathesn Foundation, and network agencies discussed their collaborative efforts in carbon footprint management, aligning with national policies. Dr. Karin Boonlertvanich, Executive Vice President of the Corporate Strategy and Innovation Division at Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited, showcased opportunities for accessing green finance within the business sector, emphasizing the bank's cooperation with CBiS. Prof. Dr. Chanathip Pharino from Chulalongkorn University underscored the vital role of academics and research in addressing climate change and promoting sustainability in education, contributing significantly to driving Thai society towards a low-carbon economy in the future.

As part of CBiS's overall strategy to assist SMEs in managing and reducing carbon emissions in their value chain, PI Carbon introduced “Carbon Circle” its Blockchain platform for Decarbonization. Mr. Paphon Mangkhalathanakun, Co-CEO of PI Carbon, also participated in the SMEs Panel Discussion on "Decarbonization as a Growth Strategy for SMEs," co-organized by CBiS. The panel covered two sub-topics:

Topic 1: Accelerating the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy. The forum highlighted Thailand's progress in developing internationally recognized carbon taxonomy standards, promoting investment in environmentally friendly businesses. It also emphasized the willingness of the banking and finance sectors to support organizations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, raising awareness in society and managing relevant information systematically, including CFO data, is key to achieving carbon neutrality in the business sector. The importance of SMEs in the supply chain of large businesses and government projects was also emphasized as a crucial factor in driving the country towards carbon neutrality, requiring support in terms of competitiveness and environmental friendliness.

Topic 2: Empowering SMEs for Decarbonization. The panel explored strategies to empower SMEs in their journey towards decarbonization, recognizing their role in driving the country's carbon neutrality ambitions. Various aspects of competitiveness and environmental challenges were discussed.

The participation of PI Carbon and CBiS in the FEA exhibition and summit demonstrated their commitment to promoting sustainable practices and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future. By fostering collaboration, providing guidelines, and introducing innovative solutions, they contribute to Thailand's efforts in combating climate change and building a greener economy.

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